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On 09/23/07 12:30, Steve Lamb wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
Asking questions and making comments are *not* arguing.

Ron, we've been over this. Every time I ask a simple question on the list
someone, not always you granted, but someone takes me to task about exactly
what it is I want or why I am doing something this way and not that way or why
not just do it this completely different way which in no way resembles what
I've asked. I don't ask for help on this list often. But every time, every
single time, I have to play this game with someone and I am tired of it.

Asking questions and making comments about something which addresses my
requirements is not arguing. Asking questions and making comments about
something which does not at all address my requirements is, well, if not
arguing then maybe just annoying.

Computer people are used to looking for alternative, simpler solutions.

In this specific instance, though, I should have read more closely
the word "machine(s)".

I think you drank too much coffee this morning.

No, just tired of having this happen again on this list. I swear someone
could ask a simple yes/no question on D-U and someone will take joy in
answering everything but yes or no.

"Does the sun rise in the east?"

"Well, not always. Depends on which planet you're on."

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Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA USA

Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day.
Hit him with a fish, and he goes away for good!

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