Re: GNOME: Associate multiple queues with one printer: HOW?

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:


has for a while. I suspect its a case of PEBCAK. :) You can definitely
set up another queue and you can do so for sure through the
localhost:631 interface. YOu have to review all the data from the
other instance of the printer as you have to re-enter it as if
creating the printer from scratch. BUt it should just work at that

As I said, I'm going to try using the direct CUPS I/F tonight
when I go over there. At present, I'm about 15 miles from
the computer, so it's problematic to try stuff out :-)

Also, you've mentioned this being an HP printer. Please confirm that
hplip and all its dependencies are installed. It sounds like she's got

I'll do that.

an HP PSC something or other. I have installed and used three of these
printers of various models (1210, 1315 and mumble mumble) and they work
great using hplip. This is the same kind of printer that I used for
the above multi-queue testing. Note that the printers do not (afaict)
allow you to specify the resolution through the gnome-cups-manager,
but it does allow you to specify the "printout mode" in the "advanced"
tab in the printer properties. The printout mode will allow you to
choose "draft" or "high-quality" as well as different color
options. Also the hplip toolbox will allow you to do all kinds of
things with the printer just like in the other os.

On my FC computer, I have six queues associated with my one printer,
three different resolutions in color/greyscale. I'm going to spend some
time looking at the CUPS web I/F on my machine, and seeing how it
works before going over tonight.

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