Re: naive bind question

On 20 Oct 2007 17:20:16 GMT, Tyler Smith <tyler.smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm working through an old-ish book on web programming. It has several
pages of instructions on installing and running bind8 for use on a
standalone computer. I just used aptitude to install bind9, and
without any additional effort I think it's working. ps aux shows the
named daemon, and I can browse the web no problems. Is that all there
is to it? My browser seems to be a little snappier, without the usual
lookup times, but that could be wishful thinking.

I don't think bind is set up to even do caching out of the box, but I
could be wrong. You can use the command line utility dig to see what
your name server is doing. See dig's manual page for more info.


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