Re: Update failure

On 10/20/07, Douglas A. Tutty <dtutty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

OK, so one stock that works, one custom that works, room for a new
custom to test, and room for a new stock to test. That's room for four
kernels, their initrds, and their modules in lib. So how big a / does

Maybe in /boot. But if you have the same partition on / as on /boot,
and many do, then don't forget what needs to go in /lib, particularly
/lib/modules, where the kernel modules go. I have three choices for
kernels on my lenny system, and I've kicked out two kernels and their
associated modules simply because I didn't have enough space on /.

I did a du -c on /lib - 170 megs, roughly. So 268 megs would be a
tight fit for a root partition, imho, even if it had a separate /usr.

Don't forget /sbin and /etc, usually those are part of the root fs and
not separated out.

/sbin is pretty small - a tad less than 4 megs here on lenny, and
/etc; is about 15 megs.

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