Re: XEN: xen-create-image with more than one disk

On Tue Oct 23, 2007 at 15:55:57 +0200, Klaus R?del wrote:

i'm a xen newby and want to create a xen image with more than one disk
but i found nothing about this? is it actually possible?

Yes, if you're using sid/lenny. No if you're using Etch (unless
you use the backported package at )

Read the manpage and pay attention to the section entitled

one my physical system i have two partitions on my hard disks, one has
the file system type ext3 and the other xfs. Now i want to create a
xen image where the system data is on the ext3 partition and a data
partition is on the xfs partition.

That isn't possible. Mutiple disks are supported, as described
above, but they are assumed to come from the same LVM group,
EVSM group, or physical disk. You could probably cheat and use
symlinks though .

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