Re: OT: laser printer: HL-5250DN or another one?

* H.S. <hs.samix@xxxxxxxxx> [071023 16:14]:

Anybody have experience with this printer:
Brother HL-5250DN

I have been asked to choose a B/W laser printer to buy for a very small
office. I don't expect it to print more than around 10 pages per day. I
have also been looking at HL-2070N, but duplex printing feature in
HL-5250DN attracted me to it more.

Any comments on its functionality from Linux? says it
works pefectly. What about its durability?

And, finally, any other suggestions?


The feature which matters above almost every other feature is
Postscript. Second is a HP JetDirect ethernet interface. Sacrifice
whatever else you must in order to get Postscript within your budget


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