Re: OT: laser printer: HL-5250DN or another one?

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On 10/23/07 17:53, Russell L. Harris wrote:
* H.S. <hs.samix@xxxxxxxxx> [071023 17:07]:
If I under the specs of the above two printer properly, both are
postscript printers:
2070N: PCL6, IBM Proprinter, Epson FX
5250DN: PCL6, BR-Script3, IBM Proprinter, Epson FX

and these are the ports that they have:
2070N: 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet, Parallel, USB
5250DN: 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet, Parallel, Hi-Speed USB 2.0

I was actually looking just for the 10/100 ethernet ports to connect the
printer to a switch on the little office network that we have there. How
does this relate to HP JetDirect ethernet interface? And, er, what is HP
JetDirect and wouldn't it exist only in HP printers?


Forgive me; I misread your letter.

The specifications you cite above do NOT indicate Postscript
capability; look for the term "Postscript". Postscript is a universal
printer control language which is a much-preferred alternative to
proprietary languages such as PCL6, etc.

In general, text output in Linux is Postscript by default; numerous
other printer control languages are accommodated, but sometimes the
process of accomodation becomes rather involved, and doesn't always
work quite right.

HP JetDirect is the generic name which HP uses for its ethernet
interface, which typically is a plug-in module which can vary from one
printer model to the next.

My point (which I did not make very well) was that a printer with
Postscript capability and a built-in ethernet interface typically is
well worth the price, because of the time savings which accumulate
over the years. Configuring Linux for a non-Postscript printer and
making a parallel- or usb-interface printer available to other
machines on the LAN can be very expensive, if your time is worth

While having a PS interpreter built into the printer is nice, it is
*not* vital. The ghostscript interpreter will convert PS to PCL
without blinking an eye.

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