Re: OT: laser printer: HL-5250DN or another one?

On Oct 23, 2:10 pm, "H.S." <> wrote:
Any comments on its functionality from Linux? says it
works pefectly. What about its durability?

I (and my mother) have both had pretty poor luck with the utility or
long term durability of anything made by Brother that isn't a sewing
machine. Almost like their name can be used in a sentence: "Oh,
brother, more rebadged, Chinese-built crap."

And, finally, any other suggestions?

I have a HP LaserJet 4+ that my girlfriend found in a dumpster in
perfect working order(!) almost a decade ago. It's relatively small,
quiet and fast compared to most of the business laser printers I've
seen, the toner lasts forever at the print volumes you're talking
about, and it's relatively cheap compared to other models when it does
run out thanks to the LaserJet 4 series popularity. People like 'em
so much you can actually find people who will come out and repair them
at a relatively reasonable expense. How many other printers have
that? :o)

It might not have duplex printing, but one way around that, which has
worked for me since high school, is find a printer with no jobs
waiting, print the cover page and even number pages, flip the stack
and throw it back in the paper tray and print the odd pages on the
backs of the evens. You can do this with pretty much any printer, and
you can figure out which way you need to reload the paper for the
second pass with a little trial and error and a two-page document.

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