Re: OT: laser printer: HL-5250DN or another one?

On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 07:32:22PM -0400, H.S. wrote:

Now, Eric mentioned memory in his post. I can understand that since
sometimes the 2070N at my home takes quite a while to print a page with
graphics in it (it has 16MB RAM). HL-5250DN comes with 32MB. How does
that sound? It also has an empty slot to accommodate 64MB, 128MB, 256MB
or 512MB (144-pin DIMM).

The way I look at it is this: Ghostscript sends the printer a graphic,
bitmapped with PCL 6.

So, a whole page at 600x600 dpi x 8.5" x 11" = 33660000 bits

33660000 b / 8 b/B = 4207500 B / 1024 = 4108 KB / 1024 = 4 MB

So thats 4 MB per page for the image data itself, 8 MB to hold two
sides, plus whatever for control info (PCL wrapping). If it has 16 MB,
it can be printing two sides while it receives the data for the next two

If you were to be using the built-in font system whereby you sent it
plain text and it translated it into your selection of fonts that you
donwload to it, that would take up a whole slew of memory. Ditto if you
used built-in forms. Neither of which applies if you're just using


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