fglrx upgrade to 8.42.3

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone has recently upgraded the fglrx ATI driver from version 8.40.4 to 8.42.3, like I have done. OpenGL stopped working after the upgrade and I am not able to figure out why.

The first time I run an OpenGL application, it just sits there forever waiting for something. If I break it and re-run it, it starts normally but it does not work (except fglrxinfo, which returns the right driver string).

In one of my numerous tries to uninstall/reinstall the package, I once bumped in a "libGL.so not found" error. Yesterday I fiddled a bit with the diversions fglrx-driver installs, but all I obtained was confusion. I looked in the READMEs and googled a bit, but I did not find anything relevant.

Any hints?


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