Re: Programmers Text Editor

On Nov 5, 2007, at 3:23 PM, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:

My vim (not vi) tells me at the bottom of the screen. Right now it

-- INSERT -- 13,66 All

Yeah, that's the case on maybe a third of the systems I use. (For me vi is usually an 'editor of last resort,' used on things like rescue CDs that don't have any other visual editor. So the version I'm using is often a very stripped-down one.)

What about nano? mcedit?

I really wouldn't recommend nano for programming. It lacks some pretty basic functionality, like the ability to quickly skip to the top or bottom of a file.

I've become an Emacs user, but before that I used "joe" pretty religiously. I blame this largely on having been brought up on WordStar. ;)

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