Re: any pages listing text mode resolutions of video cards?

Daniel B. <dsb@xxxxxxxxx>:

However, I'd like to be able to know what text mode a card supports
the next time I buy a video card in case I don't want to use
framebuffer mode.

Find a machine with that card, boot from a live CD, give it vga=ask
for a kernel boot parm, and test. I believe that offers a menu of
sorts. This is non-fb mode, btw. This is how we used it before fb
was invented. :-)

Slackware has always had the slickest and smartest, out of the box,
console display mgmt. (font choice config, and not blitzing my chosen
vga= thing with something embedded somewhere in /etc/init.d/* that
does `console_reset` of some sort). I'm still hunting for that in

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