Re: unsed .deb packages??


On Sat, 17 Nov 2007, Marc Shapiro wrote:

many package .deb files exist which are not installed, or are duplicated in the archives. It then gives options for deleting them with, or without prompting. I don't know of any packaged program that does this, however. That's why I wrote my own. This is what the program shows when it is started up:

Will you be willing to post your program?


Done. I have posted it to my web site, which can be found at:

From the main page, take the 'Misc' link, scroll to the bottom and click on 'Cleanapt.' It is posted as a text file so that you can view it online. Simply save the file to your computer and change or remove the extension. You will need to modify the permissions to make it executable. The program needs to be run as root to actually clean up the archives. I run it with sudo. It will run and display the opening statistics as a normal user, however.

Marc Shapiro

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