Re: Postfix and SASL authentication

Barry Samuels wrote:
I have tried twice before to set up SASL authentication for Postfix and failed to get it working both times. I am now trying a third time.

I have three remote mail servers to which I can send outgoing mail. I use Balsa as a mail client and, as a test, I set the value of the Remote Server, in the Balsa settings, to each of the three mail servers in turn together with the appropriate values for username and password. I sent an email using each setting and they all arrived. This shows that my username/password combinations are correct for each of the remote servers.

I then created an /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd file and transferred the values for all three servers in the form: username:password

I then ran postmap hash:/etc/postfix/sasl_passwd.

So far so good.

Before I go any further I'd like to check the format of the sasl_passwd file. I have seen the form shown above on various howtos after searching on the Internet but I have also seen them where the server is encased in square brackets - [].

Are those brackets required?
This prevents MX lookups so it speeds things up.

Having got an answer to that question I'll carry on with the SASL setup and will probably be back with further questions.

As SASL requires a 3rd party to do the actual authentication, you need to use a SASL mechanism that Postfix supports.
Either Cyrus SASL or Dovecot SASL has to be installed in your system.
There are enough documents on the web explaining the procedure to get either system working.


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