Re: Could you recommend file manager that are not based on KDE and GNOME?

Thanks for your advice!
I have tried and been disappointed by gentoo.
I have used File Runner before. It's not as intuitive as Explorer of

To me, any interface that's different from Explorer will make me

--- Haines Brown <brownh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've been looking at FileManagers, and it seems there's some tendency
to rely on two applications, a text-based file manager for daily use
and a GUI application for special purposes. While a purist will
on managing files from a terminal, I've never found that to be

For a GUI file manager, the one named thumar is often
praised. Midnight Commander (mc) works both text-based and GUI
interface, and I've used FileRunner for years. In none of these cases
do you need a desktop environment.

As for text-based applications, there is clex and MC, but I've been
looking at putting emacs into a file manager mode. Here there seem to
be three choices: a) Norton Commander (nc.el, which uses MC
Evening Commander (ec.el, which is less complete), and Sunrise
Commander (sunrise-commander.el, which is based on dired
commands). You can even run these emacs modes from a console, as far
as I know, which for me is a big advantage (independent of the X
windows system).


Haines Brown, KB1GRM

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