Re: OT: clicky keyboards

Ed Curtis wrote:
i'll teach you to turn away. wrote:
Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
ASW> [-- text/plain, encoding quoted-printable, charset: us-ascii, 13 lines --]
ASW> Totally OT, except it's on my debian box ;)
ASW> If you need that amazingly insightful gift for someone (yourself?)
ASW> this year, check out for real IBM
ASW> keyboards. Mine just arrived and I'm in heaven.
i've been using model M2s (1395300) exclusively for over the past decade. each one usually lasts 3-6 years, & i'm getting near needing another. unfortunately doesn't have one in stock, & judging by their prices, i can do MUCH better. the last one i purchased was $25, & that was the most i've ever paid for one. ($6 was the least in 1997.)
You have got to be kidding me!! They actually charge this much for these things!! I have a buddy that has 2 HUGE boxes full of keyboards from yesteryear. He may just have a goldmine in his attic and not even know it.

Well if someone wants to sell me one let me know. I am most certainly not paying $125 for one.


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