Re: how do you convert Windows User to Linux

On Dec 7, 2007 1:22 PM, tekant ozer <tekant@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


No problem with Hardware except wireless card. godd**n Airlink 101 card .
There was a limited wireless no support for this card at that time. I tried
some generic drivers which I found on some linux sites. I dont know how is
it now.

What model is your card? Different cards from the same company may use
different chips, and that is what determines if it is supported.

Then I needed Remoteadmin program like Famatech's Remote Administrator.
something let me to see remote desktop visually (from windows machine).

For remote admin, many Linux users, including myself, use SSH (Putty
on Windows) . If you want a GUI, there are several choices, including
remote desktop, VNC, and my favorite, NX. NoMachine's NX uses the
X protocol and compresses and encrypts it.

- which desktop, which web, tools? Or should I forget desktop desktop,
visual everything and go for old style Telnet? I want minimal configuration.
so I need advice about package content.

A minimal server config would usually mean just the command line (and
SSH not Telnet). For many people getting started in Linux, that is
intimidating. You could try a minimal Window Manager, like IceWM or
Fluxbox. It really depends on what you want out of it.

Kelly Clowers

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