Re: Iceweasel or Konqueror + Kdm/Xorg turned into a cpu hog?

Lesley Binks pisze:

I have etch installed, regularly updated and running the KDE desktop environment.

Using either Konqueror or Iceweasel, I find that Xorg goes into overdrive when I access
this page: - reporting 92% usage on an Athlon XP 3200.

Closing the tab on that page immediately resolves the problem.

I'm wondering (a) if anyone else can repeat this and (b) why it's happening at all.
Can anyone shed some light?



hi, i don't have that kind of problems when i access this address. (
Gentoo x86, 2.6.23-gentoo-r3, firefox
I have had problems related to flash plugin using Debian Sid + firefox 2
when i was accessing flash/html hybrid websites with many flash pop'ups
(ie: - open few articles and feel the pain ;) ).

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