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On 12/31/07 05:07, michael wrote:

On 30 Dec 2007, at 18:11, Gerard Robin wrote:

On Sun, Dec 30, 2007 at 05:17:43PM +0000, michael wrote:
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Subject: bash scripts and files

Folks, can somebody point me to an authorative reference that
explains when one needs to put, eg,
as the first line of a script and whether or not it's
required/surplus/ignored for bash specific files such as .bashrc and
have look at:
The whole tutorial is in the package: abs-guide

Thanks, probably the previous chapter ("she-bang") was of more use but a
useful ref. However, I'm still trying to understand why it's not usual
to have a she-bang for the .bash_profile and .bashrc files. That
documentation reads as if it's expected - they are scripts and contain
shell specific syntax.

Probably because those files are "sourced" from within another
process instead of directly executable from the command line.

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