Re: How to filter out mailing list spam with bogofilter

On Wednesday 09 January 2008 22:12, Chris Howie wrote:
On Jan 9, 2008 3:59 PM, Nigel Henry <cave.dnb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I was trying to get a resolution to the problem of how to set up
bogofilter to
deal with mailing list spam, not deliberately attract spammers. A link to
known mailing list that wasn't too bothered about spam on their list
would have been usefull though, as the Debian guys have resolved the spam
flood problem.

I didn't know that's what you were looking for; now I do. You rushed to
the assumption that I was trying to be obnoxious, or at least that's how
your reply came across, while my message was intended to be nothing of the

I don't believe I am wound up. Some time back we had an influx of spam on

list, and I thought I'd fixed it within bogofilter. The spam mails to the
list were stopped by the Debian guys, so it was difficult to know if what
had done had fixed it or not. The latest flood of spam from the list
that I hadn't fixed it, as it was all turning up in my Debian mailbox.
folks were indicating that they used bogofilter, which is why I posted

I understand this, but your reaction was akin to a slap in the face after I
simply tried to be somewhat humorous while providing what I thought was a
helpful suggestion. I ask you to reread my post in this light.

Also please don't top post. Reading an answer before a question is not

Noted. (I usually do this, though I am admittedly a bit lazy today.)

I appreciate that your post was on the humerous side, but am trying to get
some sort of fix as how to deal with mailing list spam with bogofilter.

Since I've been on the list there have been only 2 spam floods. Both have been
resolved within 2 days or so, and seriously were not a problem. A bit
annoying yes, but no more than that.

My subject line "How to filter out mailing list spam with bogofilter" was used
as some folks had indicated that they were using bogofilter, and I thought
that they may have some suggestions for my problem.

Most mailing lists filter spam effectively, and none of it turns up in your
inbox, as does the Debian list. What I'd like though is a link to a really
crappy mailing list, that couldn't care less about spam. I could use this
mailing list to setup bogofilter to filter out the spam mails that I was
receiving from this list.

It's all a bit academic, as very little spam comes from mailing lists, but it
would be nice to no how to deal with it before it arrives, and as it has done
on a couple of occasions on the Debian lists.

Just trying to resolve a problem.


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