Re: getting gnome out of xfce4 in debian

On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 16:51:11 -0500
"Jimmy Wu" <jimmywu013@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I like xfce4 because it is lighter than GNOME and yet has almost as
many features.

I have used Xfce for pretty much all of my linux experience.

I used the netinstall CD to install a Debian desktop, and it gave me
GNOME. No problem, I installed the xfce4 meta-package. What is
strange is how much of GNOME is still present in Xfce4. For example,
the launcher to start a graphical terminal emulator starts
gnome-terminal. Even the command xfterm4 starts gnome-terminal for
some reason I cannot fathom.

What I want to hopefully do is remove as much of GNOME as possible,
and have an independent xfce4 desktop instead of this bizarre amalgam.
However, I would like to keep the convenient system configuration
tools (like power management, etc) that GNOME offers but Xfce4 lacks.

Is there any simple, _clean_ way to do this? The cleanest way I can
think of is to reinstall using the Debian xfce4 iso and add the gnome
utilities one by one, but that would be a real hassle, involving
downloading and burning an iso and going through the whole install
process all over.

You certainly don't need to do that. As Doug would say, start Aptitude
in interactive mode, open "Installed Packages / Gnome / [Main]" and go
through the list one by one, marking everything that you don't think
you need as automatically installed (with key 'M'). Then just upgrade,
and Aptitude will remove everything that you've marked, except for
dependencies of things you still want.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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