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would you be able to advice please, how to install a second hard drive
which have preinstalled Windows. PC booting Windows after hard drive has
been plugged in. Windows should be cleared, but how thee partition

Thank you,

I would just connect the hard disk and boot. My new/old hard disks have
been detected without a hitch when booting. Then comes the use of a
partitioning tool like cfdisk, fdisk, etc. and after that you can use
mkfs to create the file system. If you like using the GUI more, install
gparted or qtparted and use that to partition and format the hard disk.

If to boot then windows will boot. Gparted
> 89-125-103-244:/home/andrius# gparted
libparted : 1.7.1
automounting disabled
Unable to open /dev/hda read-write (Read-only file system). /dev/hda
has been opened read-only.
Unable to open /dev/hda - unrecognised disk label.

Where do you have Debian installed? /dev/hdb? Where did you install
Grub? You need to give more details about your setup.

Debian installed on sda,
New disk hdc installed and partitioned, but still not visible in media:/

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