Brief question as to the Linux kernel in use in the Stable version of Etch

I have looked all through the info and the best I can find is that Etch uses version 2.6.18 of the Linux kernel. Since the stable version was put out there in the early part of Jan 2008, that seems like a very old version to be releasing. Am I right that this is the version in use? If so that does not support my ethernet connection and I will have to look elsewhere for a Linux to use.

My ethernet adapter is an ATTANSIC Gigabyte L1 (also released since the takeover of ATTANSIC by ATHEROS as the ATHEROS Gigabyte L1. From what I have been able to find out the earliest kernel supporting this adapter is the 2.6.22. That is the reason I am asking as I would like to take a good look at Debian but if I can't connect to the ethernet with it then it is useless to me. This is also the problem I have with PCLinuxOS as it also uses this version of the kernel. Ubuntu, Sabayon, Slackware, etc all use more recent versions so I can use them but I really am trying as many distros as I can to find the one I want to stick with.

Thanks in advance.

Dick Thompson
Jamaica, NY 11435

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