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On Tue, Feb 12, 2008 at 12:15:30AM -0800, Amit Uttamchandani wrote:

Yeah GDM seems like it is an overly complicated piece of software. But
that is because it is heavily customizable and is used for a variety of
purposes (remote login, safe mode, etc). There is another lightweight
session chooser called xdm if I am not mistaken but it is not as
"pretty" as gdm.

Debian has gdm, kdm, wdm and xdm. gdm and kdm are well-maintained and
actually used. xdm and wdm are not really usable. Technically they are.
But there's not much to gain from using them.

BTW: both xdm and wdm support remote login. It's a basic functionality
that has been in xdm for long time. There's also ldm for remote logins
over ssh.

BTW: consider good old console login and startx.

I guess if you don't need gdm you can choose to eliminate it from
startup and have your X server automatically login to XFCE. I did
this before and have the notes somewhere if you need it.

Rather than reinvent the wheel and get into a loop at some problem with
the X server, do use xdm and automatic login for that. gdm and kdm
support automatic login. xdm and wdm - not , IIRC.

I myself don't use the GNOME window manager at all. I use a very
lightweight WM called DWM ( Amazing piece of
software. Check it out. It takes a while to get used to but I find
myself more productive now that I am using this.

I personally use icewm. Most of the time of the session startup here is
spent by a numch of extra programs I set to start (the slowest is

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