Re: Security update of etch did not update my Kernel. Still vulnerable. Why???

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On 03/09/08 13:40, Mitchell Laks wrote:
On 13:57 Sun 09 Mar , Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
Do you have the linus-image-2.6 meta-package installed? If you only
have an actual linux-image deb installed, it will never be upgraded.
The meta-package will always depend on the most recent version and will
be updated at the time that the new version is added to the repository.

The "standard" way of handling this is to use aptitude to install the
linux-image-2.6 meta-package which will bring in everything upon which
it depends. Once you are running the new kernel without errors, you can
start to remove older kernels manually from within aptitude.

I use apt not aptitude ( :( ). I am used to it.
When I try to do
apt-get install linux-image-2.6 it tell me that it is a virtual package
provided by (the long list of packages).
" You should explicitly select one to install ".

It does not give me the option of selecting the virtual package....

I did apt-get dist-upgrade and then explicitly installed the
linux-image-2.6.18-6-486 to get upgraded.

This followed the instructions of Graham. Thank you Graham.

Is there some way to get the virtual package loaded using apt
so that the security kernel upgrade will be automatic?

Every time I see that kind of message, I just pick the "real" base
package that I want.

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