Re: Debian Repository Question

Andrei Popescu wrote:
On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 06:23:49PM +0100, gooldi wrote:

I have a question about the way packages are handled in Debian. I am used to CentOS/Fedora Repositories.

From your question I am guessing you are talking about the current stable release (codename etch).

My Problem:
*I have a Package Z that has a dependency on a "Package X Version Y1" in the Repository.
*Package X Version Y1 is updated to version Y2 in the Repository.
*My dependency is broken.

This can happen if you run testing (lenny) or unstable (sid).

My questions are:
*Where do the old (Y1) packages land? or are the thrown out of the Repository?

Packages removed from the distro can be found at

*What do the revisions actually mean? (4.0r3) Because there is no way to get to the packages of lets say 4.0r2.

Revisions mean that stable is still 4.0 but it received some updates. You can (probably) get old packages from snapshot.d.n (see above), *but* the current stable release only receives _security_ and/or _major bugfixes_. You would be better of upgrading to r3. If you think you have reasons not to you should ask here.

P.S. Is this a philosophical/hypothetical question or a real situation? In case of the later please state what you are actually trying to achieve.

This is my first time asking stuff on a mailinglist and I am amazed at the speed of the replies :) thanks!

We are using OpenVZ for virtualization which uses EZ-Templates to create OS-Template-Caches (ie Debian). These templates are metapackages which depend on packages in the official repositories. Our customers have the problem, when migrating their system and rebuilding the template-cache that it doesn't work when the packages aren't in the repo anymore.

The easiest solution to the problem is updating the EZ-templates.


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