Re: Thanks for the great system / installation successfull report

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 02:34:12PM +0100, Ivan Glushkov wrote:
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Subject: Re: Thanks for the great system / installation successfull report
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 14:00:46 +0100
From: Embrik Kaslegard <embrik_leifsson@xxxxxxxx>
To: Ivan Glushkov <glushkov@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Ivan Glushkov wrote:
Luis Motta Campos wrote:

Thibaut Paumard wrote:

Le 13 mars 08 à 11:31, Luis Motta Campos a écrit :

I would like to report a big success here. I recently got a HP 6710b
laptop and (as usual) didn't agreed with the Windows License terms and
conditions (so I can send it back and get the license money).

Are you being serious about getting your money back? Are you successful
in it in the UK?

I don't know about the UK. I sent them back my licenses in the
Netherlands, where I live now. I told them in a very formal letter that
I didn't agreed about the terms and conditions, and, as I never used the
licenses (it was a new computer) I got my money back.

I recommend everybody to at least try. :) It's not possible that the
only way to buy computers is swallowing licenses we will not use.

Hey, that's a good news!

did anybody in Germany succeeded to do that? I am planning to buy a new
laptop, and this information is vital for me..


Wow. This is pioneering :-) How did you do this? Why don't you just give
us the copy of your letter? I guess you have found a way in using the
complicated lisence ageement in our favour. I will send some letters as
well. I've got 125 lisences which I don't want to use :-)


I guess that was incidentally sent personally to me.


P.S.: Actually it is not pioneering at all. Google it. I read something
similar in slashdot long time ago, but that was in Australia. That's the
first case I hear about in EU.
There was a fellow in New York by the name of Adam Kosmin who set up a
website '' in 1992, now called ''
documenting some of these things.
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