Yes that's the point,
I know you can map a mac address to ensure a static ip but my network admin
said this should not be necessary because of the 1 month lease on the
servers (running debian etch)

I must say I do not know how dchp works exactly, I am a poor web application
developer :-)

So finally I guess this is the standard behaviour of a dhcpd daemon, at
least on linux boxes?


2008/3/14, Chris Henry <>:


On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 9:13 PM, Cassiel <raffaele.morelli@xxxxxxxxx>
Every time I restart my Lenny I obtain a new ip addr from one of the 2
servers. We have a 1 month lease on this servers and this should never
happen within this period.

You can't guarantee what IP address you'll receive with DHCP. If you
wanted to ensure static ip on your host, you should the following
lines to dhcpd.conf on the DHCP servers (if it is a linux/UNIX-based

host <hostname> {
hardware ethernet <MAC address>;
fixed-address <IP address>;

That will ensure that your host (identified with MAC address) will
receive the same IP.

Does that helps? Or you have other intentions?