Re: Debian Repository Question

This is a great HowTo, tried it and works. Will be using this with my customers now because the is giving away debian stability/security.

Thank you!

Ding Honghui wrote:
The standard way to create OpenVZ template in debian is use debootstrap[1]

If you run other tools such like EZ-Templates, As you said, some package
maybe missing when you create template because the offical debian
sources maybe changed in days. I guess you are looking for something
like It keeps all package in old days for you. Any
way, I think the method in [1] is better for security reason.


Andrei Popescu wrote:
On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 05:12:16PM +0100, gooldi wrote:

This is my first time asking stuff on a mailinglist and I am amazed at the speed of the replies :) thanks!
With so many subscribers ... ;)

We are using OpenVZ for virtualization which uses EZ-Templates to create OS-Template-Caches (ie Debian). These templates are metapackages which depend on packages in the official repositories. Our customers have the problem, when migrating their system and rebuilding the template-cache that it doesn't work when the packages aren't in the repo anymore.

The easiest solution to the problem is updating the EZ-templates.
[Disclaimer: I am not a Debian Developer and never built a package]

I think you need to define your dependencies like "package >= 1.2.3" and not "package = 1.2.3", this would make your metapackages more flexible, if this is what you want to achieve. I also think your question is better suited on the 'mentors' mailing lists, which deals with packaging questions, but please provide more and specific details.


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