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On 03/17/08 12:00, Raj Kiran Grandhi wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:

Interesting. This reminds me of some article I read somewhere regarding
the perception that people tend to take things that are free as in beer
(linux, for instance) to mean that they are not worth anything.

The author proposes that instead of telling people that linux is free
(and hence worthless) it would probably be a better idea to quote the
price of paid support of, say, Ubuntu desktop @ $250 per year, and then
tell them that since he happens to be a 'licensed distributor' for it,
he could manage to get them a couple of licenses for free.

This, he says, has the benefit of making those people think that they
are getting a product worth a lot for free because they happen to know
someone who is an 'insider'.

Now that's interesting and clever...

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