Re: Debian is losing its users

On 2008-03-27, Wei Chen penned:


I am somewhat disappointed that when you see that post, what most of
you, if not all, reply to argue that the decrease of search volume
does not indicate the loss of users, rather than thinking of ideas
for something that can be done to help, which was the original
motivation of the post.

I just assumed you were trolling with the first post. I'm still not
sure you're not.

If your intention was to get people interested in generating ideas to
increase the popularity of debian, I don't think your first post did a
good job of communicating that intention. And even if that had been
clearly communicated, another question is, does everyone agree that
increasing popularity is always a good thing?

Even if the losing of users is not proportional to the decrease of
search volume, there is a high probability that they are positively
correlated. I hope some of you are willing to think of some
constructive ideas for that. And in the meanwhile you may want to
stop this meaningless dispute.

"There is a high probability ..." That's a pretty bald statement.

An interesting question would be, how do you actually go about
establishing usage statistics? The number of distinct IP addresses
that pull data from all the mirrors? What's a stat one can actually


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