Re: NFS requires stronger authentication

On 01/04/2008, Tim Frink <plfriko@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


after an update of our Sun NFS server, I get this error message in
/var/log/syslog of my Etch system:

debianMachine kernel: call_verify: server SunNFS requires
stronger authentication.

Any ideas how I can set up the authentication level of my
Debian NFS client?


I believe SunNFS now defaults to using Kerberos security instead of the
older system ip/uid/gid based authentication.
The new mount option is 'sec=' and you'll probably be needing 'sec=krb5'.
If you want to continue to use the old scheme you'll need to change the
exports on the server to explicitly 'sec=sys' or you can use 'sec=krb5:sys'
to allow both.

The newer man pages for both 'exports' and 'nfs' outline the options.

A quick google came up with this presentation which goes through the
changes from the old to new SunNFS authentication:

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