Re: SSH through wireless router

Haines Brown wrote:
Yes, my desktop connects to the wireless router by CAT5, while the
laptop connects to the router by wifi. So I should simply be able to do
$ ssh teufel and be taken to the user's home directory on teufel, and
when prompted for PW, supply teufel user's PW. Right?
Can you ping teufel? Can you ping its IP address directly?

Yes, I can ping both "teufel" and its IP address
So we can assume the machines are communicating, it's just ssh that does not work. (It'd be interesting to try some other service, though.)

See if there is any kind of firewall or access control, check the sshd configuration (try ssh'ing localhost from teufel to see if it works), see if ssh writes something to its log files, and also run

sshd -d -p 2222

and try ssh'ing to port 2222, and watch what sshd says.

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