On Sun, Apr 06, 2008 at 11:57:30AM -0400, steve wrote:
can the moderator please remove this idiot from the list?? Ive been
getting this junk no less than ten times a day for lord knows how long.

Debian-user is an open list which can be posted to by anyone, whether a
list member or not. The spammer(s) in question is most likely not
subscribed to the list and, therefore, cannot be removed from it. Even
if he is a subscriber and was removed, he'd still be able to post
messages to the list.

D-u gets occasional waves of heavy spamming as some new technique is
developed by the spammers which allows their crap to elude the list's
spam filters, but it's generally a short-term issue and solved within a
day or two by an update to the list's filter rules.

(And, in an attempt to head off the inevitable "close the list and only
allow subscribers to post" suggestions, this is something which Debian
policy does not allow for, as it would make it more difficult for new
Debian users to get help with their problems. Aside from the barrier to
access presented by a subscription requirement, it would also mean that
they would be required to submit themselves to the list's message
volume, which is larger than many people like to receive. Although
YMMV, I believe that this is the correct policy, both for Debian and for
help/support lists in general. There are other ways to address spam
beyond simply blindly blocking all non-subscriber messages.)

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