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I am almost new to Debian. It is a great system. I get my work done in
Debian very well.
However, recently my Debian(sid) crash randomly and frequently.

The problem is that the screen just get dark. And "ctrl+alt+backspace"
doesn't work. "Ctrl +alt+f1" doesn't work either.

So I just wonder if there is something like system log that I can
check what is going wrong.

I googled for while, but jet not a clue.

Some update:
1. I think it is all about X( form the log you can tell). The system
is not down. I don,t have another computer home. So I can not ssh when
it crashes. But I will test it in office if it crashes.
2. The is no keyboard light flashing, so basically it is not a kernel
problem. I actually tried to use other kernels, but it does not help.
3. gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :0 is the
reason why it crashes. I googled for a while. A lot of debian and
ubuntu users suffer the same problem and jet there is no solution,at
least i have not found any.

Terminate/disable gdm, and log in at the console. Use "startx" to
active X. Then see if your problem persists, and if Ctrl-Alt-BS
still won't work.

BTW, what video card & driver are you using, and are you using DRI?

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Ok, sounds good. My video card is intel 915. I use intel's driver too.

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