exim4 config for Lenny?

I was having problems with sound, so I decided to upgrade to lenny.
I am now on
$ uname -a
2.6.22-3-686 #1 SMP Sun Feb 10 20:20:49 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux

I might go to 2.6.24-1 soon, but with 22-3 I got my NVIDIA drivers to
install.. I always get confused as to what extra packages I need to install
the NVIDIA...run program.
anyway, it seemed to install exim, but I'm not sure what it needs to be
configured or if I need to. I use kmail with pop/smtp servers from my
ISP/domain hosts, so I really only need local mail for my logged in user (
which is setup in kmail).

what does this error below mean??

E: exim4: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Paul Cartwright
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