Re: Cannot remove Google maps sidebar

Raj Kiran Grandhi wrote:

Cameron Hutchison wrote:
When I visit Google maps ( using either Epiphany
or Iceweasel on my Debian sid system, I do not get the little triangle
button in the map sidebar that collapses it. This only happens for me
with Debian. On my systems with Ubuntu, google maps works as expected.

Does anyone know why this may be happening?

It is a problem with the user agent setting. Google maps does not seem
to realize that iceweasel and firefox are practically the same. You can
work around this by visiting about:config in iceweasel and replacing
iceweasel with firefox for the general.useragent.extra.firefox string.

The little triangle is so cool! Thanks to Cameron for noticing such a nice
little thing. I did not even realize there was a triangle to begin with on
other OSes. Thanks to Raj Kiran for the solution.

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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