Re: prevent dpkg from (re-)starting services

Olaf Leidinger wrote:
Hello List!

On a file server I installed several debian (-based) distributions into
an exported directory using debootstrap. These are used as root
filesystems for diskless clients. To install new packages/updates I
chroot into the directories of the corresponding distributions and run
aptitude. The problem is, that every time I install the update of a
service (e.g. cups), the service is (started in the chrooted
environment, but I don't want to run any service in there.

Is there a way to prevent dpkg from (re-)starting these services?
Deleting them from the /etc/rc* directories is not an option, as they
are needed by the clients.

Thanks in advance!

policy-rc.d to your rescue.

Read the man page of invoke-rc.d : "INIT SCRIPT POLICY"

A simple /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d could look like this:

# cat /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d
echo "************************************" >&2
echo "All rc.d operations denied by policy" >&2
echo "************************************" >&2
exit 101

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