Re: Reducing wastage of screen real estate in gnome

On Mon, May 12, 2008 at 08:05:08PM +0530, Raj Kiran Grandhi wrote:
I have a 15" monitor at home running at 1024x768. I find that for most
apps, very little screen estate is left for the actual stuff and most of
it is eaten up by the menubars, toolbars, and othe gui elements. I have
my gnome preferences set to small icons for the toolbars without text.

Are there any other configuration parameters that can be tweaked in my
gtkrc (or elsewhere) to reduce/remove the extra space around the toolbar
icons and make better use of screen space?

I almost wish the gtk/gnome devs had smaller monitors :-)

not really an answer to your question, but a solution to the
problem. Try a different window manager: xmonad, wmii, twm, etc. The
tiling WM's decidedly don't waste screen real-estate. It's definitely
a different mode of operation, though. Personally, I prefer it, but
that's me. I like lots and lots of terminals open...

To your question directly, some apps have preferences that let you
turn off tool bars and menu bars, but those seem to be app specific. I
would say your best be is to get down to at most one taskbar (or
whatever GNOME calls it) and make it really small. You can probably
tweak some setting to maximize windows by default as well. That may
help a bit.



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