Re: Blocking Gmail ads

On Thu, May 15, 2008 11:24 am, Ron Johnson wrote:
The source only needs to be available to parties that you distribute
binaries to.

Presuming the application is also licensed under the GPL and/or links to
GPLed libs as opposed to LGPL libs. Just because it runs on Linux does
not mean the GPL applies. In fact I code in Python and run a lot of my
code on Linux. Linux is mostly GPL. Python is under the PSL. The code
I write is not beholden to either the GPL or PSL simply because it is
Python code interpreted by the Python executable which is running atop

Use of a licensed product to create something else does not put that
something else under the GPL. This is a very common misconception about
the GPL. It is only when one modifies the GPLed product and
redistributes it that the source must be included.

Steve Lamb

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