IBM x3650 (7979) ServeRAID Problem


I'm trying to install Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 on a IBM eServer x3650 (Type:
7979, Model: KTG) server, but having trouble with ServeRAID 8k
controller. I stucked at "Detect disks" step of the installation
procedure. I tried installing aacraid, aic79xx, aic7xxx, aic7xxx_old
drivers with no luck. For aic79xx, aic7xxx, aic7xxx_old drivers, Alt-F4
console continuously reported that

kernel: program parted_dvices is using a deprecated SCSI ioctl, please convert it to SG_IO

But aacraid produced no output. I also saw that aacraid has been already
loaded before reaching to "Detect disks" step.

IBM website has some links[1][2] for RedHat (OpenSuse, SCO, etc.)
drivers but I couldn't manage to compile those RPMs from source using a
vanilla 2.6.18 kernel tree.

You can also check /var/log/syslog[3] file and dmesg[4], "lspci -v"[5]
command outputs copied from installation console. If any other
information is needed, just let me know.

Any helps, suggestions will be really appreciated.


[1] IBM Ultra320 SCSI PCIe Controller drivers for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 - Servers

[2] ServeRAID drivers v7.00 for Linux for 32-bit and 64-bit - Servers and IntelliStation

[3] /var/log/syslog

[4] dmesg

[5] lspci -vv

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