Re: gpg not working with kmail

Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Sat May 24 2008, Ron Johnson wrote:

I recompiled using ./configure --prefix=/usr/bin

Why, for $DEITY's sake, why??????? If you're gonna build your own
packages, use Slackware.

been so long now, either I couildn't find the magic apt-get install
PACKAGE_NAME, then went to and downloaded 1.4.9, or... I really
don't remember. The point is, once it was installed, kmail stopped working.
Then it was impossible to uninstall gnupg without trashing my entire
installation... I don't LIKE builidng packages on my own, I HATE it.
If it had been fairly obvious from the synaptic package manager how to do it,
I would have done it that way.

apt-get intall gnupg

If you want/need to install custom package, you can do that even in Debian.

But do not install them in /usr. That space is reserved for packages
handled by the dpkg package manager. Installing in /usr may overwrite
files belonging to dpkg-installed packages, and this will surely bring
trouble. Installing under /usr/local is fine.

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A decision in your favor.


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