Re: OT: Laptop for College Bound Student?

p.daniels wrote:
On Wednesday June 11 2008 07:58:53 Thomas H. George wrote:
The college is offering packages starting at $1,399 (Dell Latitude
and $1,499 (Lenoveo ThinkPad T61) all with 2GB memory,
Ethernet, Wireless, 1394 Port, Bluetooth, Vista 32Bit Business OS,
SmartCare/4in1 Media Card Reader and Microsoft Office 2007
pre-installed by certified technicians located on campus. Three year
warranty and 1GB Flash Drive thrown in.

Money is tight, of course. If I were the student and there is a
modest-priced laptop with Debian and OpenOffice I'd take it in a flash.
I'm not the student, I'm his 79 year old grandfather and I don't want
him to start off at a disadvantage. There are certainly many college
students and recent grads that subscribe to this list. I would value
your insights.


Wow, that's an awful lot of money. Do some shopping on, I got my Lenovo Y510 for under $700. 2 Gb RAM, dual core Intel, card reader, great wireless, webcam, the whole nine yards, and may I add it works great with Debian. I've only had it for a few months, but I am unabashedly thrilled with my purchase, especially at the price (I think it was a sale, but it was only $100 off or so, that's still well under a thousand).

But does the modem work?


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