Re: Debian Lenny Installer


On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 07:10:10PM +0200, Sebastian Humenda wrote:

I tried to install Debian Testing, with the current CD-Image. I have to
use a braille display. With the first beta release, I could use my
braille display without any problems. Now on the first console there is
the message on the braille display: "Screen not in text mode". Is there a
new graphical installer?

I guess. There have been activity. (I am not so current on d-i)

Here is how I found out...

Installer images for i386 and amd64 have a new boot menu using
syslinux's vesamenu. This allows for a more user-friendly selection of
for example the regular or graphical installer. For the
multi-architecture CD/DVD images this change means the 64-bits version
of the installer needs to be selected manually from the menu. See the
Installation Guide for details on how to use the new menu.

and links to:

To bypass the graphical boot screen you can either blindly press Esc to
get a text boot prompt, or (equally blindly) press “H” followed by Enter
to select the “Help” option described above. After that your keystrokes
should be echoed at the prompt. To prevent the installer from using the
framebuffer for the rest of the installation, you will also want to add
fb=false to the boot prompt, as described in the help text.

I started my braille display at the second console. It is an Pacmate
Display. Is there a way to use the old installer or isn't there a
graphical installer?

You can always use stable install system to install minimum system.

Then edit /etc/apt/sources.list with somethhing like s/stable/testing/g.

Then use dist-upgrade.

For installer bug report/feature discussion, you will be better off
using debian-boot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or BTS. I think Debian is one of few
distributiond which care about braille display and its installer.


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