Re: CAD software for PCB engineering and routing

On Tuesday 17 June 2008, Michelle Konzack wrote:
I am using *********** but those programs are crap
and you  can not ********.  Even my 18 years
old MS-DOS software works better.

So, my requirements are:

1)  PCB-Layouts up to Extended ATX and 18x11"
2)  Only ARM and MIPS CPU's (yeah, no i386, sparc powerpc)
3)  double sided
4)  double layer
5)  autorouter
6)  design template per chip including
    auto placing of capacitors and such
997)  Export/Import all common formats
998)  Must definitivly work with Debian GNU/Linux
999)  Not expensive!

I have already VariCAD runing on a Dual "Opteron 280" with
 16 GByte  of memory plus some 300 GByte SCA-Drives on a ICP
Raid-5 and I do not  need a second program of this caliber.

Any recomandtions?

Yes. Be more respectful of people who are trying to help you.

You say "not expensive" indicating your willingness to pay
something. How about paying for improvements you want?

You say you are a system administrator, EE, and consultant. How
about providing some services to a project you would like to
see improved?

You say "are crap". How about some detailed info on what is
wrong and how it can be made better?

The projects you mention are starved for resources, as are many
free software projects. The subtleties go a long way.

In most significant free software projects, the authors are
fully aware of the problems, but lack the resources to do much
about it.

You have been here a while, and certainly must know how free
software works. How about taking on one of the problems
yourself, solving it, and contributing the solution? Just one
will go a long way.

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