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I am setting up an internet server as a training exercise, using the
O'Reilly book referenced at the top of this thread. The server is
only for training (to learn Debian and networking).

If it's not publicly available, you could do that. But since lenny is
already on its way, I really don't see a point in that. What exactly do
you need xlispstat for anyway? Couldn't you just go ahead without it?

I tried leaving out xlispstat, but next I found that libdb3++-dev is
also missing. (The search function is down on the Debian sight, so I
don't know what libdb3++-dev is.) shows that this is also
available only in Sarge.

"..Package: libdb3++-dev

Berkeley v3 Database Libraries for C++ [development]

This is the development package which contains headers and static
libraries for the Berkeley v3 database library. This is only for
programs which will use the C++ interface.

Many programs use the Berkeley Database to store their data. Other
versions of the database can be found in the db2, db4.0, db4.1 and db4.2

The reason I'm using the O'Reilly book is my lack of knowledge about
networking. The book is a "cookbook" -- very short on underlying
theory and explanations of "why". The idea is that you build the
server using their instructions as a guide, and in the process you
learn what it is that you're actually doing.

If I start leaving things out that are prescribed by the book, in my
present state of ignorance I'll have a difficult time figuring out
what's going on when my results don't conform to the book, and my
progress will be *very slow*.

Therefore, maybe I could install the version of Debian that was
current in 2007 (when the book was written). Would that be "sarge"?

Etch was released in April 2007, the book probably had an unfortunate
publishing date.

Was sarge the one before Etch? Is sarge still available?

Yes and yes

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