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Subject: Re: Guide to creating a Live CD with Debian Live

On Tue,12.Aug.08, 20:48:19, Stackpole, Chris wrote:

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Apart from the point regarding the caching, as discussed below:

I tend to prefer editing the config files rather than using options to
lh_config .

This is because I don't suppose the CD building will be a one-time shot.
It never is. And recreating your configuration for every little tweak is
probably not the best idea.

I would really appreciate any comments and feedback that people
I am open to any suggestions from clarity to spelling errors.
Especially if you find a problem with it or if something doesn't

live-helper uses it's own caching mechanism so I don't know what
benefits apt-cacher will bring

I debated about putting that in there. The reason why I did was because
if someone isn't careful about running lh_clean with the proper flags,
it will flush out all of the deb files too. When I was first working
with Debian Live several months ago I was using the Debian live FAQ as
my sole source of information. Sometimes they list the proper flags and
other times they just say `lh_clean`. I finally came to the conclusion
that if someone was using my guide, as well as reading the FAQ, I don't
want them to accidentally forget a flag and have to re-download the
packages off of someone's mirror multiple times. Even if they have a
fast connection it is still bandwidth pulled from the host mirror. I
just think that this is an easy way to help catch some simple mistakes.

lh_clean (with default options) does not clean the cache now. You have
to be explicit about it.

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