Re: Emacs has hard time with big text files

On Fri, Sep 05, 2008 at 02:19:12PM +0200, Martin wrote:
When I open big text file (46M in this case) emacs take long time for
moving cursor and editing. It takes 3-4 seconds to process every key

Is this only my case or is emacs in general sluggish with big files?

I started using vim with large files years ago when I had a problem
with emacs when I deleted 110000 lines from a file contain more than
1.2 million lines. I am not starting a flame war. I use both vim and

After reading your message I did a quick test: I have opened a 279Mb
(2632033 lines) file in emacs and in vim. That is on a laptop with 4G
ram (64-bit system).

Emacs asked me whether I really want to open the file and after
answering 'y' it took a further 11 seconds to open it.

Vim opened the file within just over 2 seconds.

Emacs took two or three seconds when I wanted to move to the end of
the file but only the first time. After that it was as quick as I
know it in normal use.

Vim did not have any delay and moving to the end of the file was very

I am writing this message using emacs as editor.

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