problem with onboard graphic nvidia

i have a onboard graphic nvidia geforce 6100 on a abit mainboard.
debian 4.0 works fine, found the graphiccard during installation.
but the debian 5 beta makes big trouble.
after installing i have no picture, only "out of range" from monitor.
the resolution is for my 17" crt to high. why is a installing screen
resolution so high?
after changing with strg+alt+ + i get a picture. in the config menue
from gonme where i can change the resolution and hz i see nothing, it is
emtpy. i can not modify anything.
when i look into the xorg.config file it is empy too.
in the past i could use dpgk-reconfigure xserver-xorg. but this shows me
nothing anymore to change the monitor.
when i edit the xorg.conf with a textedtior, enter a nv-driver and a
resolution for the monitor a picture comes.
but this is not the right way. i think it is a big bug.
x11 try's to find the correct hardware automaticly, but it do not work.
with kde debian use 3.5 because there could be trouble in 4, but the new
x11 is used.


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