Re: diff display

Ron Johnson wrote:
On 09/10/08 18:28, gary turner wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
On 09/10/08 16:03, Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
The main purpose of diff is to generate a patch which can then be used to
apply/revert changes across two versions of a file.

That would sanely be called "patch", not "diff".

See man patch. diff consists of differences between files, and patch folds those differences back into the original.

Then that should be:

$ patch --gen-diff

$ patch --apply-diff

There is a measure of logic there. Having both is in line with the philosophy of "do one thing, do it well". There are a number of uses for diff where folding back into the original is not a part of the deal—thus, no patch.


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